Travelling overseas – what to pack

With the chance of another upcoming trip overseas very soon, I thought I had better  get around to writing those tips. You know,  those tips that were meant to be really helpful, just in case anyome else was planning on travelling, or for myself, to remember, just in case I needed them again? Well, a few months have now passed, we’ve had Christmas, New Years and I’ve been back at work. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I packed. but I guess I better start thinking about it!

I remember that travelling long hours on a plane is not exactly a picnic in the park, but the end result makes it all worth while. Jack was 11 months last time when we flew to the states. He wasn’t walking, but was still an active and inquisitive little guy. This time we fly, I have a funny feeling that both James and I will be walking the aisles, to not only attempt to wear him out, but to also keep our sanity. Having an energetic (will be) 17 month old could be fun, bouncing on our knees for 14 hours. Last time I packed so many toys, puppets, books and I think Jack got most of his enjoyment from the seat belt, my headphone cables, the empty plastic cups that the air hostesses gave us, and the safety card. This time, I know I’ll still pack way too much. Stacking cups were a must, the soft ball was useful, and as Jack always likes books,, a small book was great to take. I’ll have to try and find some new things to pack, to entertain Jack for all of those 10 minute blocks. Maybe a new book, a puzzle, or even some colouring things. Guess I’ll never be able to sit and watch movies after movies, to make the time fly!

I’ll have to remember to pack an overabundance of nappies and wipes. A few changes of clothes, are worthwhile, and will definitely include a spare top for me. Panadol/nurofen are other essentials to include in the nappy bag. Oh and a dummy, or 2 or 3! Last time it was easier on take off and landing as I was still breastfeeding, so hopefully Jack’s ears cause him no pain this time.

We will also take the Mountain Buggy nano stroller as it folds up to nothing. We’ll check it through to LAX, as I have my Tula baby carrier for use in the airports and on the plane. I don’t know how parents with little ones can do airport transfers without a carrier. It’s so easy to throw Jack up on my back, and then at least I have my arms and shoulders free for all the other luggage that will need to be carried.

The list so far:
Nappy bag:

  • panadol, nurofen, bonjela
  • 10 nappies (travel day) More spares in luggage
  • sudocrem
  • stacking cups, musical toy, soft cuddle toy
  • book, flash cards, sticker book/ colouring in book
  • playdough?
  • 2 x tshirts, 2 x soft comfy pants, 1x jumper (Jack)
  • change of top for me
  • change mat (nappy clutch)
  • wipes, nappy bags
  • spill cloth, sticky finger wipes
  • Snacks – Jam sandwich, banana, pre-packaged biscuits, yoghurt drops, muesli bars, anything that will fit in the trap-a-snack.


  • headphones, headphone jack
  • pen
  • phone charger, mobile, fitbit charger, pebble charger
  • wallet
  • passport
  • jacks water bottle
  • dummy & chain
  • band aids, lip balm
  • sunglasses

General luggage
The average temperature in Vegas is around 21-24 degrees when we are there, so it should be quite pleasant for all the walking that will be done. Clothes wise, I aim to pack light, hopefully I’ll end up visiting the outlets and shopping centres and picking up a few bits and pieces. The overnight temperature drops to around 10 degrees so will still need a jacket to take the chill off the air.

  • spare nappies and wipes (in case I don’t get the chance to go shopping on the first day)
  • swimming bathers
  • Jack’s sleeping bag
  • comfy shoes, nicer pair of shoes
  • 1 x nice outfit to head out
  • jeans
  • jumper, cardi
  • Jack’s hat
  • sunscreen
  • shorts, crops
  • singlets
  • oh and repeat for  hubby, except he won’t need the nappies 😉

I’ll edit and update this with photos when the time gets closer…

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