Tom Roberts Parade Point Cook


Nossal Drive & Tom Roberts Parade Point Cook. All tanbark play area, plenty of grassed area for playing. Bike/walking path through the park.


  • 3 choices of slide sizes
  • 2 swings (1 suited for baby/toddler)
  • 4 springy bugs (grasshopper, ladybird, bumblebee, snail)
  • easy climb ramps similar to rock climbing wall
  • metal platforms that were feeling warm to touch (it was a warm day)
  • plenty of seats to watch the kids play
  • Soccer field with metal nets

Jack liked:

Being able to climb up different platforms especially the ramp with the footholds in it. He also enjoyed chasing the magpies. I wish there was more shade over the playground, but there are at least a few trees around.

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