Sidney Nolan Park, Point Cook


The park is located along Bronhill Vista, between Tom Roberts Parade & Palmers Avenue. There’s plenty of parking along the edge and there’s walking/ cycling tracks through the park.  There are mature trees in the area and BBQ’s close by. Most of the park is tanbark, with a few rubber spots under the swings.


  • 2 x standard swings
  • 2 x baby swings
  •  smaller slide suitable for toddlers
  • larger double slide
  • lots of climbing equipment
  • monkey bars/ rings
  • springy bouncy thing
  • moving board
  • spring see saw

Jack liked:

the cubby house window- he thought peekaboo was a bit of fun. We were there with a few other kids and Jack is at the age that older kids fascinate him. He tried climbing on everything, but he is not comfortable with the ramps to get to the slides, when they have holes in them.


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