Pipeline Reserve, Seabrook


Every time I drive along Point Cook Road I see this playground, and remind myself that I need to take Jack to this one! One sunny evening, I finally ventured down for a play! Parking is relatively easy, as you need to enter the service lane, off Point Cook Road. The reserve is located close to the Seabrook Primary School. There is a walking path along the reserve, and large grassy areas. There is seating next to the playground, and there are some trees around that offer limited shade.


  • 2 swings, including toddler harness
  • spring see saw
  • suspending see saw
  • spring rocker (bike)
  • balance beam
  • 2 areas of equipment
    • suited for older kids
      • monkey bars, flying fox
      • chain walk bridge
      • taller slide
      • fireman pole
      • different climbing equipment – chain ladder, circular ladder
    • suited for younger kids
      • 2 slides
      • suspension bridge
      • stairs
      • curved climbing ladders
      • door and window underneath

Jack liked:

The swing and having a go on the see-saw with Dad. He thought getting airborne on the see saw was hilarious. He tried to work out the chain bridge, but thought the aim of the game was to step over the chain, not on top of it. The steps at least, allowed easy access to the bridge and the slides in the smaller area. He struggled with getting up and onto the larger area. He was not interested in leaving the park and was happy playing pretend house.

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