Millpond Drive Playground, Point Cook


Located on Millpond Drive, this playground is found in Featherbrook estate, which is the next estate over from home. The playground has heaps of open space for the bigger kids to play and run. It does back onto the Featherbrook Wetlands, which is handy to watch the wildlife that exist down in the wetlands. As the wetlands aren’t fenced off, you do have to make sure that the kids don’t enter the water.  You  can ride to the park, as there are paths that stretch for several km’s and also visit several other parks along the way. The playground itself, feels quite sheltered. It is naturally protected by the trees that were mass planted around the outskirts.  The picnic facilities are also undercover.


  • 2 slides, one large, one smaller
  • plenty of balance/ climbing apparatus
  • climbing walls with foot and hand holes
  • flying fox
  • monkey bars
  • steering wheel
  • swings – 1 x infant harness, 1 x normal
  • Spinning roundabout

Jack liked:

spinning on the thing that went around (I tried to find a glossary of terms to define what each piece of equipment should be called), but you can see what it is in the pictures and video above. He also liked climbing up the stairs and  running around the playground.

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