Homestead Run, Seabrook


The playground is located on the corner of William Leake Avenue and Andrew Chirnside Avenue, Seabrook. It’s found just off Point Cook Road, and is easy to spot. There is a large oval, tennis courts and it’s also home to the Seabrook Community Centre. The park has mature trees, and does offer a bit of shade. One edge of the park is also fenced from the road. The kids that were here all loved going for a ride on the car.


  • large spring, rocker car to climb on
  • 2 swings, one with toddler harness
  • 1 merry go round
  • 1 kangaroo spring rocker
  • 1 set of playground equipment
    • tunnel
    • fireman pole
    • steering wheel
    • climbing ladders and poles
    • noughts and crosses
    • door/window

Jack liked:

the car! It was big enough to fit himself, his Uncle and the dog! There was a seat at the front with the steering wheel and enough room in the back of the car for all of us to fit! He went in the swing but struggled to climb up onto the playground platform to get up onto the slide by himself. He needed a boost every time to get up to start exploring. He hasn’t yet learnt to climb the poles to navigate upwards.
As a side note – Jack decided on this particular day that he was only going to wear his Ugg boots. I thought I took his shoes with me, as I was heading to his Uncles’s place and we had planned to walk his dog to the park, however, I managed to leave his shoes on the bench at home. This short trip to the park took double the time – thanks to Jack shuffling along in his (very cute!) giraffe Ugg Boots!

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