Hargrave Park, Point Cook



Corner Hargrave Avenue & Kingsford Drive, Point Cook (Kingsford Estate). There is another (very cool) park just up from here that I’m yet to try out.
The park has bike paths circling the equipment, and plenty of open space to kick a ball. There are BBQ facilities, with some cover as well as a water tap (drinking fountain including one for the puppies). Mostly tanbark, with a few soft, rubber areas.


  • New park with modern equipment
  • swings including baby/toddler safe harness
  • curly tunnel slide, medium slide, large slide
  • lots of climbing equipment (tad out of age range for poor Jack)
  • rubber climbing mound with foot/hand holds
  • springy bus (steering wheel moves)

Jack liked:

The BUS! I had to pry him away from it, and then he screamed all the way to the car! He could sit and turn the wheel, stand up and bounce, and get on the bus floor and try and clear away all the tan bark on the bottom of it. When I first got to the park, I thought Jack may have had fun on the rubber mound, until we got closer. It is steeper than I thought and I had to guide him up. Thankfully he knows how to slide his way back down safely. The smallest slide was too hard for him to reach by himself – I think there were 3 platforms that he had to climb up. This is a great park, but more suited to when Jack will be taller and able to climb.

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