Cherry Lake Altona

Off Millers Road, set at Cherry Lake. The lake itself provides a 3.5km walking track, with heaps of bird life to keep Jack entertained. Great paths for those that have little ones also going on bikes.


  • Several sets of swings, both baby ones and bigger kid ones
  • soft fall walking path
  • ramps
  • slides
  • seesaw
  • balls to push back and forth (as pictured – have no idea what they are actually called)
  • disabled swing
  • lots to climb
  • another playground section for the older kids (which I didn’t really look at)
  • beginners skate park
  • huge grassed areas
  • toilets, BBQ’s – always popular with large gatherings for catch ups and parties

Jack liked:
the soft fall surface. At this point in time, Jack had only been taking steps, so we hadn’t been putting shoes on him. The surface enabled him to wander around, without getting tanbark all over his feet. The surface was under several pieces of equipment, up the ramps, and around the park. The ramps had rails so he could hold onto them and walk along them. He was also happy to see the birds.

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