Appreciate the little things…

So 2015 hasn’t started off all that well. We’ve had a few health scares in the family, and now, the passing of my stepfather. When these things happen, it makes you sit back and take in the minute details. I feel sorrow for my little boy, knowing that granddad is now with grandma, and that one day I’ll have to explain why mummy doesn’t have a mum and a dad anymore.My big sister feelings automatically kick in too. I feel the need to take over, but it’s so much harder with Jack around now. The balance of wanting to do everything, and yet needing to put little Jack’s needs first. as well…

Dave was responsible for introducing me to the world of fishing. Even though I haven’t personally picked up a fishing rod in many years, I know that it’ll be like riding a bike. I know that I will need to give in to the husband now and take him fishing, like he’s been bugging me to do for ages. And in one way, I’m looking forward to the day that I can take Jack – although I will have to work on my patience!

Dave was my stepfather but he meant the world to me. He took me under his wing and he always treated me like his own daughter. I will never forget the memories that we shared, the stories that I’ll be able to tell Jack and the life skills that he taught me. I am thankful that Dave’s battle was short, that he is now at peace and he is now able to be back with mum.

RIP Dave, gone too soon, forever loved and remembered

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