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24th – 30th August

I just wanted to start by saying a big thank you to a wonderful friend for looking after Jack this weekend. Thank you for looking after Jack, treating him like he was yours, and sending me a  gazillion updates – made me feel like a very relieved mama! Jack and I love you Bec!!!!

This weekend was the finals of the Australian Ice Hockey League – it marks the end of the season, the start of warmer weather, and the chance that I may see my husband on the weekend! This has been the first season I’ve been relatively removed from attending the games, and helping out behind the camera. While I’ve missed the plane trips to warmer places like Perth and Newcastle, I’ve also missed the time that we would normally spend together. I’m sure that next year will be a lot different and I’ll be back behind the camera. So what has James got planned for his first weekend off? Umm, I think he’s working Friday night and Saturday. No rest for the wicked… I had better plan something for Sunday – James’s first fathers day!

Friday was Daffodil Day and I added Holiday Dougal to my growing Cancer Council bears. On Thursday, Megan and  I headed to the opening of the new Plaza extension. The new stores at Pacific Werribee will be a great addition to  have right around the corner, especially when I can’t be bothered travelling to Highpoint or the city.  I’ve also attempted to wear Jack on my back this week – he seems to enjoy the journey a lot more than being worn on the front. Hopefully I’ll be able to take puppy for a walk more often like this, especially with Spring (weather) right around the corner.

Week in the life of…


17th – 23rd August

Benny and I ran another 2.5km this week. My ideal would be to wake up early, and head out, but, ummmm, I really, really like my sleep. With Jack being a little bit up and down in regards to waking up overnight, it’s nice for me to head out shortly after Jack’s in bed, obviously only when James is home though. I think both Ben and I need to ease into the running, both times so far I’ve come home with Benny trailing behind me on the lead.

We popped in to Nanny’s & Poppy’s on Friday afternoon after swimming, so that Jack could have his last hugs before they headed overseas.  I thought it would be interesting to see what new tricks Jack has by the time they get home – that Saturday he bit down on my finger and I could feel a rough spot, like sandpaper. However getting a photo of this new emergence was quite hard. Apparently babies don’t like you pulling their lips down and attempting to take photos of their gums! Sure enough, his left front bottom tooth had broken through and his right one was peaking through as well. Oh, and at swimming, Jack crawled the length of the floating mat! I was so proud! (Can you tell???)

Dad had one of his rare days off on the weekend. We finally managed to catch up with one of James’s work colleagues, and met baby Owen, after being in the world for 3 months already. We then drove over the West Gate and down into St Kilda. It was truly a beautiful winters day – the type you know that spring is just around the corner. The bay was flat, there was only a whisper of a breeze and the sidewalk was bustling with people walking their dogs, pushing the pram or riding their bikes. Jack had his first experience playing with sand, which went straight into his mouth.

Week in the life of…


10th – 16th August

I seemed to have more videos on my phone than images this week. Jack finally started crawling forward! We’ve been going backwards and around in circles, but now, when he’s after something, he can finally put one hand in front of the other, and head in the right direction. His crawling action has a bit of work to do. He trails a leg, I think mainly because he is still lazy, and has realised that it’s easier to sit up when he gets to where he wanted to be. He is also able to sit himself up now as well!

In other news Jack’s passport arrived! As I write this, we’re 67 days away from our trip. I think we have all our accommodation now booked, just need to book our internal flights and car hire.

Ben and I headed out for a run for the first time in a bit. Poor Benny – he was lagging behind as we ran into our street and he flopped down on the cold tiles and was basically comatose for the entire rest of the evening. I love running late at night, especially on the cold nights, when the streets are quiet, your breath is foggy, and when you can see the steam come off your dog. Ben runs on a mission – he knows when I lace up my running shoes and grabs his lead, what is going on. When we head out the drive, he grabs the lead in his mouth, and he’s off. He may stop for a sniff at the start, but after that, not even another dog will break his concentration. Instead of  being super excited and wanting to play with any dogs he encounters, he watches and just keeps on running. Hopefully a few more runs together and we’ll both be at a better fitness level.

Nanny came and watched Jack at his swimming lesson on Friday. A spare pair of hands is a godsend when you deal with a squirming, wet, little boy, and you also have to try and dry yourself. Jack didn’t have a long morning nap, so while he can normally last for the length of Liam’s lesson before heading home, he fell asleep in the car while I was still talking to Leanne.  Jeff came over for what seems to be a regular ‘Kebab Friday’ while James is away and working.

On Saturday we walked to the park and tested out the new pram that I’ll take with us to the states. It should be fine to do the job – Jack seemed quite at home and comfortable, and allegedly it’s small enough to fit into (some) overhead plane bins. So I took the camera and the picnic rug and let Jack have a play outside. Some of the photos are below. We were even lucky enough to have the sun grace us for a portion of the afternoon.

On Sunday Nan, Jack, Megan, Liam & I ventured to Flemington Market. I bought a new pair of pants and a dummy clip from a favourite store, Button Kids (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Button-Kids/). We may have sampled the coffee and  a few edibles along the way.

We all went out for dinner to Squires Loft in Williamstown, before Nanny and Poppy head overseas for the next few weeks. Jack had a great time knocking all his toy cups all over the floor, eating steak, prawns and chips and generally loving being the centre of attention. It will be interesting to see what new tricks Jack has when they get home.

Week in the life of…


3rd – 9th August

We’ve been spending most evenings researching and finalising our accommodation for our US holidays. We’ve booked Chicago, Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls and Orlando. We’re still looking at Miami and figuring out where we want to stay in LA. As that is something that both James and I sit down to do, I haven’t gotten around to posting this sooner.

This week Jack had fun going down the slide and playing with the fake grass in the new kids play section at Waterstones Cafe. The cafe is quite nice, close to home, coffee is always good and the menu has some great options. At first Jack wasn’t too sure about the slide and held on the side, but after the first time going down, went down with a massive smile on his face, each time.

Jack was allowed to sit at the dining table like a big boy when we went out for dinner to the Plough Hotel in Footscray with Bec. The lovely waitress gave Jack a comfy cushion to support him in the highchair, and he was enthralled with being at the table. He was happy chewing on the table, sharing lots of smiles, and being fed food by Dad. He had chips and ice cream – I had tried so hard to limit his exposure to chips.

Megan, Liam, Jack and I ventured over to Highpoint on Thursday. We wandered around and attempted to not buy anything. On a plus, we did reach our daily steps! Jack and I went to Altona to Nan and Poppy’s house for dinner, before heading over to Laureen’s and seeing great Nan Shirley.

Jack was lucky enough to share a big bath with dad. He loves bath time, and the more water, the better it is for splashing! Most nights now, the blind, the walls and the floor end up saturated from Jack’s overenthusiastic splashing!

Week in the life of…


27th July – 2nd August

Gaahhh I’m so behind in doing this weeks one, well last weeks round up, really.

Getting excited about our trip to the states later in the year – we’ve basically decided to throw out all our old plans of revisiting LA, Vegas and venturing into Texas. Instead we’re heading to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo & Niagara Falls, Orlando (maybe Miami) and then finishing in LA. Planning a trip and counting down used to be the exciting part, and would hype you up. Now with Jack in tow, I’m more concerned. Concerned about travelling all those hours in a plane with an 11 month old, concerned about navigating our way around with a baby – it makes shuttles, and taxis, and transport in general just that little bit harder. Do we take a pram, do we buy a little travel pram, how do we go with car seats, car hire??? The list is endless. All the things that in our honeymoon trip, we didn’t have to contend with.

This week we visited Saltwater Coast, had breakfast in their cafe, walked the fitness circuit around the park, while Jeff demonstrated some of the exercises and checked out the new park that looks like it will be opening soon! Parks and playground equipment have come a long way since I was a kid. We had boring metal and general slides, swings, and climbing apparatus. The new park had landscaped gardens, splashy water features perfect for summer, and colourful themed play equipment. Will be adding that park to the (mental) list that I have compiled in my drive by’s of all the parks in close vicinity to home.

Jack and I also had breakfast with Nan at Alamanda Cafe this week. He loves sitting up at the table, banging away, looking around and watching all the other kids in the cafe.  Jeff and I also took Benny for a walk around Apex park and in the off lead dog section. While I’m overly cautious of him off lead, he behaved himself and even ran up, over-enthusiastically, to 2 grogeous Great Danes. He ended up covered in slobber, but wasn’t at all scared by their size.

Jack received a swimming certificate this week – in recognition of his ‘fantastic kicking legs’ – one very proud mummy here! He’s also attempting to pull himself up onto his knees to reach all the buttons on his walker. So maybe in the not so distant future, he might be attempting to pull himself up and walk along the furniture. With Dad away in Perth for the second last road trip of the Ice Hockey season, I made Jack pancakes. When James and I would travel from Perth to home, the Virgin Lounge in Perth had a broken pancake machine, and each subsequent trip, we would race in and hope that the machine had been fixed. I think after a full year, we still hadn’t seen the pancake machine. So, once again, Dad missed out on pancakes, but Jack and I got to eat (all of) them!

It would have also been my mums 60th birthday on the 27th of July! Forever 48, always loved and missed – Happy Birthday!


Week in the life of…


20th July – 26th July

We hit 8 months this week. In less than 4 months time, we’ll have celebrated James’ and mine 30th birthdays, travelled to the states on our first family overseas trip and celebrated Jack’s first birthday! But I’m not counting down to those things just yet. Still heaps to go and do! James had his first day off from working the weekend in what felt like forever, and it was nice to just relax and appreciate family time. On a frightfully fresh Saturday afternoon, we visited the local football and spent some quality time  with Uncle Sam & Poppy.

Jack had his 8 month check up, and is still in the 25th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. He’s grown 20cm since birth and is now 69cm, he’s also gained 5.51kgs, and is now 8.46kgs. His next appointment will be when he’s one.  Will be interesting to see what his measurements are then and what he is able to achieve when the time comes around.



Week in the life of…



13th – 19th June

We had some big firsts this week – first roll over, first swimming lesson and first time at the park.

Jeff and I were at Alamanda for breakfast on Monday and as the sun was shining when we finished, we wandered down the path and took Jack onto his first playground adventure. Jeff held him on the bouncy see-saw and the spring loaded motorbike. We also strolled past the ducks on the way out. We’re very lucky to live so close to amazing parks, gardens and wetlands. I’ve even started doing drive-by’s of all the parks in neighbouring estates to check out what they have. I’m just glad that the inner child in me hasn’t disappeared completely. Hopefully Jack will love spending hours going to and playing in all the parks that are in our area. Knowing that we have passed the shortest day for the year, allows me to dream that winter could be over in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, being in Melbourne, I know too well that we’ve got more wintry, windy and cold days ahead.

Megan and I wandered down to Jump swim school one morning, just to ‘have a look.’ The next thing I knew, I’d signed up Jack to start his swimming sessions the next day! While I was a nervous wreck all morning before his lesson, once the lesson was over, I was much more relaxed. I think the idea of jumping in the pool, post baby, is a little nerve wracking, and it doesn’t matter how many walks or gym sessions you do, you’ll always know that your body just isn’t what it used to be. I’m pleased that Jack made it through his lesson with no tears, and neither did I!

Jack managed to finally roll over this week! I was anxiously awaiting the day, and knew that it wasn’t far off – all last week he was rolling his hips over, but just getting stuck on his shoulders. No longer can I leave him on one part of the floor and expect to come back to him in the same spot. He’s also managed to, from a sitting position, fall gracefully forward and support himself on his arms. Hopefully this will stop all those awkward face plants.

I’ve also started thinking of the toy sales for his birthday and Christmas. Arrgghhh, I’m not ready yet to think about his first birthday. Knowing that it is now less than 4 months away, also means that the inevitable return to work is just around the corner. The only happy point is thinking about planning our trip to the states. No, we still haven’t made any solid plans or booked internal flights or accommodation. One day James may actually spend enough time at home to sit down and nut this out! I’m just dreaming about eating my way around (yet again) although I thankfully won’t be drinking as many mojitos and cocktails as I did on our honeymoon! I think I might need to start thinking about a shopping list and hopefully we have enough room in our luggage.


Week in the life of…


6 – 12th July

Jack was still sick this week, we even had a few days of high temperature. Thankfully Panadol seemed to knock it back down to normal range, and even though we had more sleepless nights, we seem to be getting slowly back on track. We had breakfast with Uncle Jeff on Monday morning and we finally said goodbye to Wyky, our Commodore that we’ve had for a few years on Tuesday. I was meant to catch up with Bec on Friday, but postponed until Sunday. The weekend was meant to be horrible, freezing cold, wet and windy. Saturday arrived and having researched Pinterest for rainy photo inspiration, I waited for the rain to come. Of course, the day cleared up, and all I could do was wait for Sunday and the promise of extreme wet weather. Sunday thankfully brought the rain, and I only had 10 minutes to snap a few photos before running out the door to meet Bec at Harbourtown. I was very, very happy with the photo of Jack, hands on the glass, staring outside as the rain dripped down the window. Bec bought Jack a little Changing of the Guard teddy from her trips around Europe. We also went across to the Ice House to see James at work. Jack got to have quick cuddles with Uncle Sam before the game started, and Jack even got to sit in Dad’s seat and pretend to take over for the day. He was a natural, reaching for the take-bar and smashing his way through the buttons.